About OpinionGirls

Hello anyone and everyone who may be reading this; 1st off we want to say WELCOME TO OUR SITE!Here at opiniongirls we opened this website today for a reason… To be opinionated!

And you can too! By commenting your thoughts to our responses to different topics that should cause conterversy.

Here is a different side of the story… We are only teen agers. Maybe not surprising, maybe it is. But we arent adults, but we do actually have minds.

We hope that everyone will enjoy this blog/Vlogs.

Please tel everyone about this site.

God Bless.


This is a website for opinions that do matter. This is Opiniongirls.wordpress.com ; where YOU can be open minded and very expressive.

Have Fun.

also if you would like us to talk about a certain topic, please email us at ; opiniongirls@yahoo.com


People who run this site: Megan, Emily, Olivia, Claire, and Jessica.

Also we will start making video blog’s later in the week, but we will be posting alot of random regular blogs about our life, sorta like online journal’s.


One response

5 12 2008

You guys= Amazing!
Love ya’ll, thanks for makin this site, loves!

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