Here annoying Door Kitty

30 11 2008

Just making a quick life job blog, so just a few minutes a Fed Ex guy came to the door, now it was probably something i ordered for my mom for her Birthday, so of course i ran to the door yelling “I’ll take care of it!”

So i opened the door, now i am not i repeat not racist but this spanish guy was at my front door, he started taking and i didnt know what to do… The thing is he didnt know any English, i i start airing out with my hands like im signing something, and he just kept looking at me like “WTF? WAVING CIRCLES?!” He just kept staring at me trying to act out like im signing his book thing-y ‘n the air, his facial expression just kept looking more and more confused. Then i just stopped because after 5 minutes of me waving my hands in the air to describe signing the book, and fake taking the box, i knew he wasnt going to understand.

Then he just handed me the box, turned around and walked away….

So i was the one looking like the idiot.

Just warning everyone, please dont do what i did, not worth it.

So i hoped you enjoyed my werid experiance.

has any one else had any weird, experiance’s?

If so post a comment or email us your story; we would love to hear from you guys.

-Megan From OpinionGirls




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