Toys “R” Us shooting; Response.

29 11 2008

“The two people shot and killed inside a crowded Toys “R” Us store in Palm Desert on the busiest shopping day of the year were identified late Friday.”

Hello Everyone out there reading this. On Black Friday, Aka, the craziest shopping day of the year, two people were shot at Toys “R” Us store in Palm Desert.

Now, we know it can be crazy on Black Friday, even if the deals are not even that great, but this, is riduclious. What are people coming to for toys? This is crazy, too crazy for even any words.

On other bad news on Black Friday, a 50 some year old man working at Walmart was stomped to death.


Yes he was stomped to Death. This man was opening the door when walmart was opening to the public on Black Friday. No one stopped to help him either. Now this man was a wonderful Husband and a father to kids.

Officials are going over the Walmart Seacurtiy tapes to see who killed this poor man.

Honestly, why do we have a black friday!?

So people can go nuts fighting over toys and T.V.’s? And killing people?!

What the hell?

We cant even go on and on about this topic because we are out of words.

So we send our thoughts to these family’s.

God Bless, and please dont go on a killing spree for a $20 dollar off T.V.





One response

29 11 2008

gosh people r so crazy I mean who in the world would shoot someone at toys r us just for a sale oh wait I no someone completly out of there mind

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