Miley Cyrus wants to change her.. Job?

1 12 2008

Miley Cyrus was so inspired by her semi-naked Vanity Fair picture taker Annie Leibovitz that she wants study photography. With the international scandal well behind her now, she is convinced the best way to study photography is by enrolling at university in England.

More under the cut from Miley’s words PLUS our response!

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30 11 2008

30 11 2008

Outlook-Shannon Cutts on Eating Disorders Warning Signs

30 11 2008

Here annoying Door Kitty

30 11 2008

Just making a quick life job blog, so just a few minutes a Fed Ex guy came to the door, now it was probably something i ordered for my mom for her Birthday, so of course i ran to the door yelling “I’ll take care of it!”

So i opened the door, now i am not i repeat not racist but this spanish guy was at my front door, he started taking and i didnt know what to do… The thing is he didnt know any English, i i start airing out with my hands like im signing something, and he just kept looking at me like “WTF? WAVING CIRCLES?!” He just kept staring at me trying to act out like im signing his book thing-y ‘n the air, his facial expression just kept looking more and more confused. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting rid of Twilight member?

30 11 2008

Here is an excerpt from Robert Pattinson‘s recently Entertainment Weekly cover issue: After celebrating news that the film had already taken in more than $35 million, Summit e-mailed a letter to Twilight fans, signed by stars Pattinson and Stewart, expressing gratitude at moving forward with a sequel.

But the studio still hasn’t confirmed whether the rest of the cast will be brought aboard for New Moon. Fans are particularly invested in whether Taylor Lautner, who is markedly shorter and more boyish-looking than Meyer’s description of his character, Jacob, will return to vie for Bella’s heart.

”We are definitely talking and thinking about it right now,’ says Erik Feig, Summit’s president of production. ‘Taylor’s fantastic as Jacob in Twilight. I think when we get closer to shooting, the director is going to look at everyone as if they are brand-new to the role.’

Our Response:

Why would you replace someone, only after one movie? It doesnt make any sense. We find it really stupid and non-making sense…. Like are they for real?

The reason we are posting this, Gossip or not, we feel it should be conterversal. They shouldnt replace him, thats all, simple. I think alot of the Twilight fans, are more fans of Taylor than of the movie. No offense to the Movie, but really, i was sorta excited to know that they are making my  favorite Books into a movie, but the books are tons better than the movie in my opinion… What did you guys think of it? Anyways, they need to keep him, not remove him from the cast.

We just found this petition online, sign it if you want him to stay;

If you started this petition please let us know, so we can gladly put your name up.

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale On black friday

30 11 2008

Ashely and baby V seemed to avoid being killed on black Friday, like the 50 year old man, and the two people shot at a little kids store, by spending the “big” sales day at the Mall. We personally enjoy watching their friendship, because we cant get over the cute-ness of them together.  Our questions, Did anyone go and pay to see HSM 3? And how do you feel about both of their NEW hair-do’s(or donts)?

Please share your thoughts.